backbone of a large-file streaming system

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Wed Nov 9 04:37:33 PST 2005

On 11/8/05, Nick I <clusterbuilder at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I help maintain a Web site at
> You might have seen before that I have a section called Ask the Cluster
> Expert, where I am building a knowledgebase of cluster and grid information.
> When someone asks a question I am researching the answer to build this
> knowledgebase out. I received the following question:
> *"I am looking for a variety of solutions to be a backbone of a large-file
> streaming system providing thousands of concurrent download streams.
> Preferably commodity hardware and Linux, though I'm open to commercial
> solutions."*
> I am wondering if anyone here has suggestions of what applications will work
> best for this type of setup. You can respond to the question at
> <>or respond in email.
> Thanks,
> Nick
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it all depends on job. This is the moto of clustering.
>From what i have read the solution is load balancing/redundancy  cluster.
Probably something like what is described in the article  at

at the section "Something Bigger"

"This larger configuration is in place at a large educational
institution, providing load balancing and redundancy for a cluster of
web servers:"

As far  as the hardware , that depends on the kind and magnitude of
load that you expect.

there are also devices like eg this

Also read the pdf for what these devices are offering

Anyway the key point here is on load balancing  and redundancy

 Load Balancer/Firewall
    |          |             . ..........  |
    |          |                           |
    |          |                           |
  server1 server2                  serverN

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