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Matt Douhan matt at fruitsalad.org
Tue May 31 08:23:13 PDT 2005

On Tuesday 31 May 2005 16.53, steve Rieger wrote:
> whilst i am not here to yell at you.

then why are you?

> you have no idea what you are talking about.

And as shown below neither do you

> i work for one of the largest stock exchanges in the world and we use
> vrrp on 73 servers to server apache

and your point being? if we are going to make this a competion for who runs 
the largest server farms or the largest networks you will loose, since 73 
servers is simply the front end to the systems we are running.

> vrrp was invented by cisco and they use it on their load balancers but
> as somebody already said rtfm dude.

Dood I suggest YOU read up on this and then post back to the list who really 
invented VRRP.

Matt Douhan
kolab + toltec + horde + kontact == success

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