FreeBSD Clustering wishlist - Was: Introduction & RE: Clustering with Freebsd

Eric Anderson anderson at
Wed May 11 20:45:58 PDT 2005

Ok - I'm changing the subject here in an attempt to gather information.

Here's my wishlist:

FreeBSD have a 'native' clustered filesystem.  This is different than 
shared media (we already can do that over fiber channel, ggated, soon 
iscsi and AOE).  This would allow multiple servers to access the same 
data read/write - highly important for load balancing applications like 
web servers, mail servers, and NFS servers.

Online growable filesystem.  I know I can growfs a filesystem now, but 
doing online while data is being used is *insanely* useful.  Reiserfs 
and Polyserve's FS (a clustered filesystem, not open-source) do this well.

FreeBSD's UFS2 made to do journaling.  There's already someone working 
on this.

I believe the above mean that we need a distributed lock manager too, so 
might as well add that to my wishlist.

Single filesystem limits set very high - 16TB would be a good minimum.

Vinum/geom (?) made to allow added a couple more 'disks' - be it a real 
scsi device, or another vinum device - to existing vinum's, so I can 
extend my vinum stripe, raid, concat, etc to a larger volume size, 
without worrying about which disk is where.  I want to stripe mirrors of 
raids, and raid striped mirrors of stripes.  I know it sounds crazy, but 
I really *do* have uses for all this. :)

We currently pay lots of money every year (enough to pay an engineers 
salary) for support and maintenance with Polyserve.  They make a good 
product (we need it for the clustered filesystem and NFS distributed 
lock manager stuff) - I'd much rather see that go to FreeBSD.


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