Failed to compile Gridengine 6.0u3 on FreeBSD

Ron Chen ron_chen_123 at
Wed Mar 9 01:00:28 GMT 2005

--- "Axel Scheepers (@home)" wrote:
> Ports uses 5.x afaik. I've installed it from ports

Well, I know. But we(*) need to make sure that it
works well on FreeBSD 5.x before other users tell us
that SGE6 breaks on FreeBSD 5.x.

BTW, SGE6 uses threads to scale to very large clusters
(like several thousand machines). So I see a good
match with SGE 6 on FreeBSD 5.x.


(*) actually, I did some initial SGE porting work on
FreeBSD, and Brooks cleaned it up and finished it :)

> also.
> Kind regards,
> Axel Scheepers

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