New failure detection algorithm for ng_one2many.

Roman Kurakin rik at
Wed Jan 12 13:15:40 PST 2005

Evgeny Dolgopiat:

>I wrote new failure detection algorithm based on heartbeat signal for
>ng_one2many node. Features:
>- automatic detection of failures;
>- automatic detection of recoveries;
>- detection of point of failure (see diagnostics in man page);
>- configurable timing parameters of failure and recovery detection;
>- you can create your own heartbeat packet or use default;
>- you can set your rules for detecting that incoming packet is hearbeat  
>- heartbeat algorithm can be used for different network layers (not only 
>ethernet layer).
Is it possible to turn it off so that it wouldn't work at all?


>Patches for src and man page at 
>These patches for CURRENT, but you can compile patched files in 5.3.
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