booting Freebsd 4.10

Paul Dlug paul at
Tue Feb 22 17:17:02 PST 2005

On Feb 22, 2005, at 5:59 PM, Maya Haridasan wrote:

> I'm setting up a testbed in a cluster of blade servers and I've been  
> trying to boot freebsd 4.10 on the nodes. They hang immediately after  
> BTX loader version 1.0. I believe this might have something to do with  
> the serial console (the nodes don't have a serial console). Would  
> anyone have any clues about what this could be? Else, would you have  
> any suggestions as to how I could try to "debug" the problem - any  
> files that I might try to modify to test if the boot process goes  
> further?

If it's an IBM/Intel blade server I may be having the same problem you  

I haven't tried 4.10, 5.2.1 works for me if you do a PXE boot with  
scripted sysinstall. 5.3 I cannot get to go anywhere.


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