clustering Apache and MySQL cluster

Gerardo Rodriguez freegrg at
Tue Aug 23 22:23:17 GMT 2005

Hi everybody, I am new on this theme, I hope you can help me or guide me to 
this process. 
 I want to build a freebsd cluster, something like this:
 -Service monitoring for web, email, file transfer, e-commerce, and TCP/IP 
-Failure detection, automatic failover & reintegration into the cluster upon 
-Load balancing solutions for highly responsive applications 
-Distributed operation & centralized management 
 primary use is web services with apache on the clustering with features 
above, then the system is going to process the petition using the MySQL 
cluster feature to obtain the 5 nines of availabity.
 What software like ports can do that? or commercial software...
 thank a lot

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