DRBD-like something for FreeBSD

Eric Anderson anderson at centtech.com
Mon Aug 1 19:29:34 GMT 2005

Anton Nikiforov wrote:
> Dear ALL,
> I'm running a few clusters with Linux, but do not like it ;) and would 
> like to move to FreeBSD.
> I know about vrrpd and pfsync and other solutions, i know how to run 
> Oracle or Postfix or PostgreSQL under such a configuration. but the only 
> thing i cannot find is something like DRBD device that is working pretty 
> cool and stable under linux (it is mirroring raw partitions from one 
> node to other/s).
> Could someone please direct me to the link or list where i can read 
> something about?

GEOM Gate and GEOM mirror are probably what you want.  Check out ggated, 
ggatec and geom_mirror.


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