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Iasen Kostov tbyte at
Mon Aug 1 13:58:12 GMT 2005

Nick I wrote:

>I work on a Web site at  The site highlights a
>broad spectrum of high performance computing related technologies.  It
>has links to reviews, comparisons, pricing and other information
>related to the many HPC solutions available. The site also allows for
>you to complete one request-for-quote form and have multiple hardware
>vendors of your choice provide pricing quotes to you.
>We need knowledgeable cluster users to submit sites that have proved a
>valuable resources to them.  One particular area that we want to make
>sure is complete is the Operating Systems section, which Debian is
>listed under.  We want to find information that helps HPC
>users using Yellow Dog Linux Please take a minute and submit
>additional links associated with Debian, operating systems or other
>areas that will benefit the HPC community. (To submit content for the
>site, click on the Submit Content section on
>Thank you for your help.
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    FreeBSD is *NOT* "other Linux" (its more true to put MacOS X in 
"Other FreeBSD" :) ) as You stated on that site and it would be good to 
fix it ASAP because it show a lack of understanding Unices. Despite of 
this the site could prove useful someday.

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