recomend software to use.

Marc. Perisa sumirati at
Tue Apr 12 03:46:09 PDT 2005

On Jan 30, 2005 4:09 PM, Shawn <sgill at> wrote:
> I'm using Veritas Clustering software at work. Behind it are number of
> nodes. 2 Sun V880's and some V440's with few blades as well. I find this
> concept fascinating and would love to experiment more with it in the
> open source world. Im a big fanofFreeBSD and I have down some web
> hoasting use it and many other things.
> Would anyone know of a good site that would explain more about
> clustering with freebsd, or maybe even a how to that might be posted on
> the web? Id love to get this working in a small lab that a friend and I
> are putting together for this reason. He runs a webhoasting company
> (Powered by FreeBSD)"WOOT!"and plans to implement this once we pull it
> off. Me? well I just want to play.

Hi Shawn,

sorry for the late reply, but the thing called "real world" was about
my interests. I also use Veritas Cluster at work (and some others
additional too). The main problem with clustering is: Which cluster to
you mean? Or, What do you want to accomplish by using a cluster?

In the most cases the people don't want a cluster - they want their
services up and running. As for web hosting, this would be "trivial"
with load-balancing in front of the web farm and a clustered database
for all kind of stuff behind it.

If you look in the mailing list archive there were links posted to a
project for a failover cluster in the first step. I never managed to
take better look into it, because of time constraints. Possible the
linux hearbeat stuff (and projects similar to it) can be useful too.
And some months ago someone comitted a netgraph module to simulate
LLT/GAB known to you.

But perhaps you could explain a little more about your project -
perhaps someone can give to then some better hints about clustering
and FreeBSD.

Hope it helps


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