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On Tue, Nov 23, 2004 at 02:45:39PM -0800, Justin Hopper wrote:
> Thank you, this was much more of what I was looking for.  Very
> interesting articles, especially the one on the Aerospace Corporation.
> At least I have the answer that I was looking for, that the blade
> systems are not at all what I was thinking they were.
> I wonder what the Aerospace Corporation is doing now with the cluster? 
> The paper had mentioned that they might look into the Opteron processor
> and amd64 / freebsd 5.x.  It would be interesting to know what they were
> able to do with that technology and how their efforts on committing some
> of their research back to FreeBSD is going.

hi Justin,

we just had Brooks down to assist us in presenting FreeBSD clustering to
a few opensource groups last week in the SF Bay Area. he did a somewhat 
updated version of his presentation that he gave at BSDCon.

Aerospace uses their cluster for parallel processing to do things
such as simulations. This type of cluster wouldn't help you unless you had 
software designed to take advantage of parallel processing via submitting 
jobs to the cluster. it isn't designed for application fail-over and
instead uses LAM/MPI to pass messages across the cluster.

there should be a short video segment of Brooks and I talking about a
cluster like this on TechTV at this press release:

I didn't mention OpenMosix since it's a linux kernel implementation and
doesn't work with FreeBSD :/


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