Clustering options

Eric Anderson anderson at
Tue Nov 23 16:48:22 GMT 2004

Oliver Fromme wrote:
> Eric Anderson <anderson at> wrote:
>  > I'm interested in clustered filesystems to be used for high-availability 
>  >   scalable NFS servers.
> For that purpose I can recommend NetApp filers (which can
> be clustered to achieve HA configurations).
> Not exactly a FreeBSD-based solution (although their firm-
> ware _is_ based on some BSD, I have heard), and not a cheap
> one, though.  But it works very nicely.

While NetApps are nice, they are *WAY* too costly for most uses.  They 
have priced themselves out of a very large market.

We currently are using some clustering software from Polyserve, but it 
only runs on linux (Suse and Redhat).  It's great stuff, and I can 
honestly say the support and all is pretty good - but doesn't run with 
FreeBSD.  I've nagged them about it, but they claim there's no market 
for them..

I see projects like lustre, and opengfs, and wonder 'why not for 
FreeBSD?'.. If I were a good coder, I'd work on porting it..


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