Leaving the group

Jason M. Leonard fuzz at dogfish.ldc.upenn.edu
Sun Jun 13 01:35:12 GMT 2004

On Sat, 12 Jun 2004, Andy Sporner wrote:

> I really laugh sometimes.  People have borrowed the word "Community"
> from the Linux folks, but people here (not necessarily in this group)
> complain about linux.  I know I have at times and I still think for
> good reason.  But they have one thing right.  THey have, "The Linux
> Router Project", or "The linux hi-availability project"  ad nasuem...
> I thought since I was so far the first to step up to this that this
> was the "FreeBSD HA project" but I was sorely mistaken evidently.


>From the Linux Router Project (http://www.linuxrouter.org) website:

LRP == R.I.P. (1997-2002)
With great pain, I must now state:

The operating system that helped to create the embedded Linux marketplace,
the Linux Router Project (LRP), is dead.

As of January of this year I have finally accepted the fact I will likely
never be able to develop LRP into the operating system it could have been.
A full 6 months later I'm forcing myself to update this page to reflect
this. It is not an easy thing to give up on your life's work.

I am also now semi-retired as a computer engineer. Aside from my general
disgust at the computing industry and what the Internet has become,
scrambling around for scrapes of work and praying for the next good money
project that eventually ends suddenly in a few months, just isn't keeping
food on the table. I've looked quite a bit for some stable work, but
plumbers make more hourly then Sys Admins in South Florida. Either I move
to California (never!) or move on. I am now reserved to do the latter.
With LRP remaining an unachievable goal I don't even feel much desire to
work with computers anymore.

My many contributions to the computing community has reaped very little
personal benefit for myself. As I now struggle to pay the bills I can not
help but feel quite pissed off at the state of affairs, for myself and the
other authors who contributed massive amounts of time and quality work,
only to have it whored by companies not willing to give back dime one to
the people that actually created what it is they sell. Acknowledgement and
referral would have at least been acceptable. Few companies do even that.

Care to tell me what Embeddix (for one) is based off of? Ever offer me
work Caldera? Even when I asked?

Well actually I'm glad they didn't as I would hate to think I could have
benefited those scumbags any further...but I think you, the reader, gets
the point I'm making.

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