SV: ***SPAM*** HA cluster

Eric Anderson anderson at
Fri Jun 11 13:47:17 GMT 2004

Andy Sporner wrote:

>I have said this many times here.  I have such software
>available and this has been available for some time in
>this forum.  I wish people would just read the past posts
>about this and support projects that were grounded in
>the FREEBSD world.
>I think at this point I will just remove my software
>from general distribution if this is going to be the
>way that support is going to be given...

I agree with you about the reading past posts, etc.. People should learn 
to use google these days..

On the other hand, pulling your software would be more of a detriment to 
the community than people asking previously answered questions on the 
lists..  I know I've played with your tools, and many people rely on them.

Keep up the good work..

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