Clustering with FreeBSD

Peter Ross Peter.Ross at
Tue Feb 10 20:58:37 PST 2004

Hi Andy,

your project looks promissing!

On Tue, 10 Feb 2004, Andy Sporner wrote:

> The "Proof of concept" which is weak compare to the
> current version is available on my site at

I am curious what you improved. At the moment you allow 16 directories
because of the static declaration. If you change that against a
structure allocated dynamically: When do you think you will reach a

How does the initialisation work if you want to replicate a bigger
directory tree? If you add a new directory you "walk" through the whole
directory tree and mark all the vnodes you want to watch?

AFAIK there is no generic pointer in the FreeBSD implementation to add
functions triggered by actions like open, write etc. Howe does it work on
systems which have triggered actions implementd in their filesystems?

Did you start any work related to a "resync" if the server fails (if I am
right you send the modification to the server but the writing doesn't fail
if the server is down?)

I don't want to discourage you;-) These are only curious questions. I am
German (we are famous for perfectionism;-)

BTW: An Australian friend is tempted to move to Germany because he has
some relatives there. But he doesn't speak German yet. What do you think:
will it work? I hesitate to give him advice.

I am living downunder for 18 month now and am able to make myself
understandable and to understand other people. Besides of some smaller
problems if it's very noisy. A native speaker has an advantage to fill a
gap if there is a word missing - it's easier for him to guess it. And some
words I don't know or forget.

And I make some smaller mistakes and "think German" (other phrases, other
sentence order etc.) So from time to time I feel a little bit disabled.

What happened to you when you moved to Germany?


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