Clustering with FreeBSD

Andy Sporner asporner at
Tue Feb 10 10:47:16 PST 2004


> One of the big advantages is that you effectively
> have two
> "independent" file systems: if one FS gets
> corrupted, you still have
> the chance that the other one is intact (which is
> one of the things I
> never liked about network block devices). And of
> course you're free to
> mix and match whatever disks you have on hand.

I didn't really think about this advantage, but you
are correct.  You also can mix/match filesystems on
the nodes. 

> On a quick guess, I'd even venture to say that you
> could have
> something like delayed replication, where the
> changed data is
> immediately sent to the peer to be stored in a
> journal but commited
> only after some time span, thus effectively allowing
> to guard against
> admins deleting the wrong stuff (rm -rf /, anyone
> ;-) and even against
> hackers.

Sorry there, it is in real-time.  It is an attempt
to create a real "clustered filesystem".  If I am
running a large POP3 server, one connection can go
to one machine, while the other goes to a neighbour
and for this reason, the update has to be immediate.

> Germans say, "Same procedure this year--same
> procedure
> > ever year" (a reference to "Dinner for One").
> Zze Germans speak English? Then why for christs sake
> do you keep dubbing all those movies (one of the 
> reasons I quit watching TV...).

More than people realize. :-)  Though I am really
trying to learn their language.  I was really very
shocked that this thing was something that I would
say 60-70% make a tradition of watching--even if 
they don't understand English!  I live in a small
village and English is NOT very well spoken but I 
hear everybody telling me how they watch this.  It is
a rather elementary story and the pictures tell most
of the story--which might account of it's success.

> Then again, most would feel sympathethic with the
> piss drunk butler, of course ;-)

I don't know, I would like to drink as much as does
every year for free ;-)  



> Best regards,
>  Gabriel
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