Clustering with FreeBSD

Brett D. Estrade estrabd at
Tue Feb 10 07:01:24 PST 2004

What are the thoughts of DragonFlyBSD's goal of being able to create a
single virtual machine (1 cpu, presumably) out of many individual boxes?

On Tue, 10 Feb 2004 13:19:50 +0100, "Andy Sporner" <sporner at>
> Hi,
> It is a different subject and I sort of hate threads that are misleading.
> So far it hasn't happened yet, but before it can.  :-)  The clustering
> that
> I am offering is *NOT* Beowulf-like.  It is more geared towards
> Internet Application HA.    In other words--server X dies, what should
> server Y and Z do to make sure that the stuff on server X does not have
> to wait for server X to recover.
> Somewhere else on my site I have a utility called FREP.  In my test
> area in my lab I have the two things integrated.  
> There is in Linux-Land a thing called sometime like "Remote raw
> disk" (can't remember specifically what it is called) but it gives a
> local device node for a remote device on another machine.
> What FREP does (at the moment only in the lab) is to syncronize
> access to directories and replicate the changes done by the nodes.
> The idea is to be able to have a 2-3 nodes running mail servers with
> the spool directories replicated (locking is on the file basis).  A
> load balancer goes on the front and with this you have a scalabale
> Mail server that is fault resiliant.
> A lot of people in the academic community are worried about
> Beowulf and for correct reason, but there is an often neglected area
> which is where Micro$oft is winning in the moment and that is
> in the business end of the house.
> Cheers.
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