Haw to find Distribution?

Michael Hanulec hanulec at hanulec.com
Mon Feb 9 22:08:50 PST 2004


I haven't heard of a *BSD Cluster Distribution.  I think most BSD folks
build up a cluster the way Linux users used to, by installing various
packages themselves as needed.  If your looking for a BSD equivalent to
something like Oscar <http://oscar.sf.net> I've haven't ever seen one.
The good news, a lot of the parts from Oscar, minus the System
Installation Suite, could be used after downloading, installing and
configuring them yourself.  They also might be in ports, but I haven't


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On Mon, 9 Feb 2004, [koi8-r] "Robert Fakhrtdinov[koi8-r] "  wrote:

>  Hello All,
> Anybody, tell me please, where can I find Free BSD Cluster Disribution?
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