clustering: how to start?

Devon H. O'Dell dodell at
Wed Dec 1 05:51:11 PST 2004

Koza Zbigniew wrote:
> Then I recalled that several years ago I experimented with FreeBSD and I
> liked it. Now I hear that FreeBSD supports SMP "natively", so
> no kernel recompilation will be necessary.
> I thought - maybe we could try and use FreeBSD instead of Debian?
> Now my question is: where should I start?
> Which docs should I read?
> Which program(s) should I use to cluster our 4 FreeBSD boxes?
> regards,
> Z. Koza

FreeBSD won't do process distribution natively. Want a project? :)

Other than that, there are other programs you can use to distribute 
applications in userspace (such as any of the MPI packages; I've had 
good experience with lam-mpi). To monitor the status of your clusters, 
you can use an application called Ganglia.

Good luck!

Devon H. O'Dell

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