Directory shadowing utility now available...

Evgeny Dolgopiat dolgop at
Tue Sep 9 05:04:23 PDT 2003


I tested your frep utility on  CURRENT. Device code (frep.c.patch) has error:

243+ 	if (strlen(xpath) > 1) { /* must be - if (strlen(xpath) > 0) */
244+ 		*cptr++ = '/';
245+ 	}

When I use dd command to create big file
(dd if=/dev/urandom of=/{path_to_frep_directory}/bigfile bs=1024 count=10000), 
frep goes to overrun very quickly :(
Are you have some ideas to correct this problem?
Maybe dynamic queue with sysctl tunable size will help?

And one more question:
What about data recovery? How directory data from client will get to new
server? I mean if one server goes down and i'll set up new one instead of it.
Do you have some ideas or protocol?

Best wishes, Evgeny :)

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