Directory shadowing utility now available...

Andy Sporner sporner at
Mon Sep 8 01:04:51 PDT 2003

Hi list,

After a long silence, I have some software to release.

The link:

What it is:

Well it's a start of a directory replication scheme.  In the moment it
replicates changes from one filesystem tree to another on a remote
machine.  NO THIS IS NOT NFS!!  As files are changed, the changes
are reflected to another node.  This creates a duplicate of the data changes
that are occurring locally.

The directories that are replicated are configured (up to 16 at present).
Any changes (file creation, writes, deletes) are also performed on the
remote system (assyncronously).

For more information read the README in the package.  It lists
the installation instructions as well as the current limitations.



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