Clustering mysql

Peter Ross Peter.Ross at
Wed Oct 8 05:16:16 PDT 2003

Hi Sebastien,

On Wed, 8 Oct 2003, Sebastien Gioria wrote:

> Anybody does have any experience in clustering mysql ?
> Software to install, tuning OS ?

I used mysql in a master/slave replication configuration. Do you mean

I had to use Linux so the OS tuning is not what you are looking for (and
the circumstances were an invention of .. okay no swear words here .. but
would you run NFS server, mysql and postgresql with high load on the same
machine? And then Linux with it's problems under high load?)

Especially mysql was hell. Occasionally corrupted indexes. When I rebuilt
them the master/server pair became out of sync. I had to keep the mysql
running so I used a rsync loop to fix it. The last rsync had to be done
while the master wasn't writing to disk (I forgot the command only to use
the memory for updates, sorry). Then I restarted the replication and let
the master dump the updates cached in memory.

Maybe it's better with version 4?

I hope you get better results

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