iSCSI and clustering with FreeBSD

Andy Sporner sporner at
Wed Jun 18 01:58:52 PDT 2003

Gabriel Ambuehl wrote:

>If can live with NAT, ipf/ipnat will can do this out of the box with
>code that detects switches and changes rules accordingly.
>And with divert sockets of ipfw, you could even write you're own
>userland daemon to do mangle the packets...

I thought this too.  but it only does ICMP redirects and that isn't 
sufficient for what
I will need.  Not only that some people might want to hide networks 
behind the load
balancer.  Also with the user space stuff there is a slow-down because 
of the
context switch.

I went to a presentation by Guido (??) at the BSDcon-2000 about this and 
he was
even talking about loadable kernel modules to do this too.  But the more 
I looked at
the code the more I had the impression that what people thought about 
NAT was the
other direction (hiding computers behind a firewall).    There was some 
limitation that I cannot recall at the moment.     (I had originally 
written an interface
to create files to the front end of IPFW but there was some kind of 
problem that
basically was too deep to try to fix).


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