iSCSI and clustering with FreeBSD

Andy Sporner sporner at
Thu Jun 5 09:25:52 PDT 2003

Gabriel Ambuehl wrote:

>Hello Andy,
>Thursday, June 5, 2003, 3:48:08 PM, you wrote:
>>sort of like what Sequent had in their clusters (minus lock
>>I think wish to tackle process migration.  I have a good idea what
>If you're going to do process migration, any chance to get MOSIX like
>functionality, too?

I am not completely up on the current Mosix.  I read the paper a few 
years ago when it
could only do 32 nodes without specific modifications.  

What I would like to reach is VMS like process migration.  For all I 
know it could be
the same thing.   I wish I had to time search this.  But suffice that I 
saw VaxClusters
as a very beautiful thing and that was where I started from.    

That should give some clues.  I have started a document detailing it, 
but I can't reach it now otherwise
I would post it here.  I will post this in the next days ahead of the 
release of the new software.
The software took longer because I moved to the final phase and it meant 
some big changes
about configuration (for instance there is no GUI in the moment--OK some 
people please don't
get sick trying to control your enthusiasm here ;-)  Later it may come back.

More will come in about a week, but the short answer to the question is YES.


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