chromium 34 and cef

Bruno Lauzé brunolauze at
Fri Jan 24 15:35:02 UTC 2014

I created two port, chrome upgraded to 34.0.1782.2 and cef (chromium embedded framework)
Feel free to use them to fast forward the port tree or for use at a later time.
The issue is to create a tarball for cef source code...The formula is :
get chromium-34.0.1782.2unpack itcd chromium-34.0.1782.2svn checkout cefrm -rf cef/.svncd ..tar pczf cef-34.0.1782.2.tar.gz cef-34.0.1782.2cp cef-34.0.1782.2.tar.gz /usr/ports/distfiles/

Bruno Lauze 		 	   		  

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