Superstitious users and the FreeBSD logo

Jamie jamie at
Wed Nov 30 13:35:40 UTC 2011

Oh dear,

On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 06:57:57PM -0700, Brett Glass wrote:
> I just got a call from the owner of a hotel for which we provide 
> hotspot service. She says that a guest spotted the "Powered by 
> FreeBSD" logo at the bottom of the login page, and was offended; 
> the guest was convinced that either we or the hotel management 
> "worshipped the Devil" and refused to stay at the hotel unless the 
> logo was removed. 

LOL!!! I'm inclined to suggest we start a freebsd church, and collect donations
to expell the daemon character from the computer and thus, save the souls of
millions of web users who are attacked by this abomination... then use the
money to pay for the development of a real, workable open source "flash" with
which to create the new logo in. hehehehe

Seriously, there are some neutered ones here:

You can't even tell they're horns, they look like some mysterious

> The owner could make no headway by explaining 
> that the besneakered mascot was a cartoon character and was a 
> daemon, not the Devil. And she feared upsetting the guest even more 
> if she said that large portions of the same software are inside 
> every Mac and iPad. The hotel stands to lose more than $1000 if the 
> guest, who had originally planned to stay for a long period, moves out.

As a former fundie myself (brief stint, I assure you!), I do have some sympathy
for your hotel guests. Decades ago, in my teens, before I was fortunate enough to
snap out of it, such a situation would have produced an *extreme* amount of anxiety. 

I can only feel sorry for anyone who has lived their whole life that way. 

There aren't many ways to help them, everything you say or do is processed via
an elaborate shell script that basically amounts to this:

   sed -e 's/outside help/trick of the devel/'

Poor people, really. If they weren't so dangerous & annoying, we ought to have
sympathy for them. It really was a high-stress lifesytle. I'm thankful to have
snapped out of it early on, lots of others aren't so lucky. It really is like
a trap.

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