Superstitious users and the FreeBSD logo

Brett Glass brett at
Wed Nov 30 02:30:04 UTC 2011


I just got a call from the owner of a hotel for which we provide 
hotspot service. She says that a guest spotted the "Powered by 
FreeBSD" logo at the bottom of the login page, and was offended; 
the guest was convinced that either we or the hotel management 
"worshipped the Devil" and refused to stay at the hotel unless the 
logo was removed. The owner could make no headway by explaining 
that the besneakered mascot was a cartoon character and was a 
daemon, not the Devil. And she feared upsetting the guest even more 
if she said that large portions of the same software are inside 
every Mac and iPad. The hotel stands to lose more than $1000 if the 
guest, who had originally planned to stay for a long period, moves out.

One of our tech support people also got a call directly from the 
hotel guest, who claimed that having the logo on the page 
constituted "abuse." The guest also claimed to be "losing money" 
because she wouldn't use the hotspot if there was a "devil" on the 
splash page. He didn't even realize what she was talking about at 
first.... He couldn't imagine why on Earth this person was calling 
him and going on about devils.

Attempts at misguided religious censorship notwithstanding, I don't 
want to see one of my  ISP's customers lose business. And I'd like 
to keep a FreeBSD logo on our hotspot page. Is there artwork that 
doesn't include horned creatures that might offend the ignorant or 

--Brett Glass

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