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Peter Hummers phummers at iname.com
Wed Oct 5 17:23:24 PDT 2005

On Wed, 5 Oct 2005, James S Blankenship wrote:

> I'm new to BSD's.  I have been using Linux after
> several failed attempts to configure FBSD back in
> 2001.  I'm going to work with DesktopBSD for a bit to
> familiarize myself with BSD/Unix.  I'd like to learn
> as much as possible about FBSD and Unix in general,
> and I'm not really a techie, so it's kind of difficult
> for me.  I don't have anyone nearby who can help me
> out with BSD issues.  I guess you could call me a
> frustrated techie :0)

Greetings and welcome. I'm a desktop user, who has tried Linux and found 
typical installs too much like Windows or Macintosh with too much going on 
under the hood that couldn't be separated out and understood.

FreeBSD is like Zen -- very understandable and rational; once the learning 
curve is mounted and a few concepts understood, it's very simple. Also 
pretty DIY. (If, like me, you avoid KDE and Gnome, which can add layers of 
complications even to *BSD.)

Let me recommend, if you haven't found them, Dru Lavigne's articles on 
O'Reilly's BSD DevCenter, entitled FreeBSD Basics.


Two of these articles especially might be especially useful to you: 
"FreeBSD for Linux Users" at


and "More FreeBSD for Linux Users" at


~Peter Hummers
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