[Bug 238068] OpenStack Image with cloud-init support?

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Thu May 23 10:53:59 UTC 2019


--- Comment #2 from rainer at ultra-secure.de ---

thanks for the update.

I did however now succeed using the official Openstack documentation:


(using qemu-kvm on my local OpenSuSE workstation to create the image).

cloud-init runs, creates the freebsd-user and I can login.
The partition is also grown.

For now, this is enough for me.

cloud-init requires several python modules and sudo, 43 packages all together.
The RAM-disk created by the installer seems to be just about enough to allow
these packages to be downloaded and installed.

I realize that it's the FreeBSD project's intention not to pollute the
installation-image with anything that is not in tree.

But increasingly, FreeBSD will be installed virtually and users in the cloud
expect certain things to "just work".

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