[Bug 230501] EFI loader fails with "panic: free: guard1 fail" when booting

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Wed May 22 00:04:07 UTC 2019


--- Comment #10 from Michael <mikesteele81 at gmail.com> ---
I don't understand what was going wrong, but here is a description of the
workaround I found for anyone else in a similar situation.

The "memstick" image for FreeBSD 13 are able to boot on an Acer C720 with
mrchromebook's UEFI firmware whereas the FreeBSD 12 memstick image is not. Both
contain 2 partitions. The first is an EFI partition, and the second is the
installation media. It's possible to overwrite the contents of the FreeBSD 13
image's 2nd partition with the FreeBSD 12 image's 2nd partition, and then use
that to install FreeBSD 12.

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