[Bug 187015] agpgart: Panic make_dev_credv: bad si_name (error=17, si_name=agpgart)

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Sat May 18 09:32:48 UTC 2019


--- Comment #21 from Konstantin Belousov <kib at FreeBSD.org> ---
/dev/agpgart must point to real agp instead of the ghost sibling, but the order
of enumeration is not strictly defined.  So I think that both nodes should be
created as /dev/agpgart0 and /dev/agpgart1, and then a symlink, the alias
device in devfs term, created to point to one of them.  Perhaps use pci
function number as the unit number, and them symlink to function 0.

I wonder if Gen3 or earlier hw work with the current off-tree drm kmod.  If it
does not, then perhaps this report should be closed as 'not fix'.

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