[Bug 237715] maxproc needs a default value

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It's hard to pick a sensible default though.  OpenBSD has default (per
architecture) rlimits, which I think is a good idea, but they often have to be

There's kern.maxprocperuid which can default to something calculated based on
hardware resources.  It's set a bit lower than maxproc as it is, but not enough
to protect the system in most cases it seems.

A process count limit alone only protects you against accidental fork bombs. 
And then again, it probably only protects other users from it, it's pretty hard
to recover your session when you can't spawn more processes.

I guess that's the reason it hasn't been done already, it's not a good
protection by itself and setting a whole bunch of resource limits is too
difficult (and required to set very low per-process limits to be effective
before rctl).

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