[Bug 237725] Spelling in share/man/man4/bridge.4

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Fri May 3 17:12:50 UTC 2019


--- Comment #3 from Tom Marcoen <tom.marcoen at gmail.com> ---
1. I'll change the date back to the original date. I was not aware of the
policy but igor(1) complained about the date not being today's date so I
modified it.

2. The original had a contraction so I kept that, only changed plurar to
singular. But I will modify it to "do not" as I believe that to be more correct
than "will not" but I am not a native English speaker so I might be incorrect.

3. I do not understand what you mean here. I added a few articles (`the', `a',
`an') and tried to get the width of the lines max 72 characters and starting a
new line after a period. Are you referring to the output (in the man page)?

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