[Bug 237636] bhyve guest ZFS filesystem freezes in zcw->zcw_cv state

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Thu May 2 21:05:00 UTC 2019


--- Comment #1 from Morgan Davis <freebsd-bugs at morgandavis.net> ---
Today, this happened again during an rsync.  I mention this so that concern is
not misdirected at sqlite or git.  

It seems that it occurs during relatively intensive file operations.  I suppose
if I was doing something else, like compressing a batch of files using any
archiver/compressor I might see the same thing happen.

I have equivalent ZFS-backed servers doing the same work, if not more intensive
file I/O, that have never had this problem. But they are running on either
dedicated hardware (not virtualized) or are running on a non-bhyve VM
architecture (e.g., a VPS, AWS, etc.).

I'm convinced the issue is related to bhyve + ZFS (host and guest).

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