[Bug 236513] HP Thin clients T620/T730 ACPI: Only CPU core 0 detects C2 state

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Thu Mar 28 08:53:52 UTC 2019


--- Comment #35 from stockhausen at collogia.de ---
Phew, I see you found the culprit. Although I do not know every single function
I saw a lot of the names during my code analysis.

Regarding HP T620 settings: cpucontrol -m 0xC0010073 /dev/cpuctl0 gives 0x413
(The CPU gets Port+1 from BIOS). So the ACPI tables need:

For T620:
IO (Decode16,
    0x0413,             // Range Minimum
    0x0413,             // Range Maximum
    0x00,               // Alignment
    0x08,               // Length

For T730:
IO (Decode16,
    0x1770,             // Range Minimum
    0x1770,             // Range Maximum
    0x00,               // Alignment
    0x08,               // Length

With these settings C2 states come up fine on both machines.

I will check if all of this hard work at least gives some power saving effects.

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