[Bug 236513] AMD Jaguar: Only CPU core 0 detects C2 state

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Mon Mar 25 19:32:07 UTC 2019


--- Comment #22 from stockhausen at collogia.de ---
After a lot of investigation it seems to boil down to some kind of timing

acpi_resource.c:acpi_res_set_ioport() is called for the ACPI defined
ressources. In our case there are several IO ports according to acpidump:

0xcf8, 8 ports
0x0, 944 ports
0x3e0, 2328 ports
... and so on ...

Somewhere inside it calls acpi.c:acpi_set_resource(). But this silently fails
exactly here:

    /* Don't reserve resources until the system resources are allocated. */
    if (!sc->acpi_resources_reserved)
        return (0);

Must be some kind of concurrency. Don't know yet where it comes from.

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