[Bug 230172] FreeBSD 11.2 fails to boot on Celeron J1900 after upgrade from 11.1

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Tue Mar 19 02:52:44 UTC 2019


--- Comment #41 from Michael Proto <mike at jellydonut.org> ---
Thank you for the update Eugene.

While I have no doubt the ACPI tables on this discount hardware are likely the
cause (see below**), unfortunately this particular suggested fix did not work
for me.

Intel Celeron J1900 (ASrock Q1900-ITX)

Escape to bootloader on boot

set kern.vty="vt"
set hw.vga.acpi_ignore_no_vga="1"

I still see the same problem, the spinner freezes when loading the kernel until
I reboot and either set kern.vty="sc" or disconnect keyboard/monitor.

** Yes, this BIOS is quirky. I have it attached to a KVM via VGA/PS2 and during
boot if my KVM is active on this terminal the system will sit on the BIOS
"Press a key to enter option" screen forever until I hit ANY KEY, including
CTRL/ALT. With the KVM pointed elsewhere it boots normally. I'm going to check
my provider (again, likely in futility) for an updated firmware but wanted to
throw this in as it is likely a sh*ty BIOS/UEFI being the issue. While I don't
expect FreeBSD to have to work around it I'm prepared to do what I can to help

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