[Bug 236466] [sendfile]: panic when VOP_READ returns an error

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Mon Mar 11 18:08:17 UTC 2019


--- Comment #1 from Conrad Meyer <cem at freebsd.org> ---
Interestingly, only one other location in tree asserts VM_PAGER_OK, and that's
when we're swapping a *kernel* stack back into memory (vm_thread_swapin). 
Panic probably makes sense for that case — and putting swap on a network
filesystem (or FUSE) probably doesn't make sense anyway.  If your swap disk
EIOs the kernel stack, at least that thread is hosed.  You might be able to
zombie it and limp the system along (Linux approach) but maybe not, either.

Obviously, sendfile(2) is not an appropriate place to assert on the success of

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