[Bug 208445] /usr/sbin/service: WARNING: $xyz is not set properly - see rc.conf(5).

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Still present in FreeBSD12.0-RELEASE

"$ is not set properly"

... is caused by this in /etc/rc.d/addswap:


and this code in service(8):

                        eval `grep ^rcvar $file`
                        if [ -n "$rcvar" ]; then
                                load_rc_config_var ${name} ${rcvar}
                        checkyesno $rcvar 2>/dev/null && echo $file

So although service(8) checks whether $rcvar has non-zero length (-n), it still
goes on to use it with checkyesno (from /etc/rc.subr) which emits the warning.

Other /etc/rc.d scripts with empty rcvar, like dhclient, have "nostart" in
their keywords so are not considered by service(8) thanks to it calling
rcorder(8) with "-s nostart"

That's the 'why' but I don't know enough to say whether the fix should be:

1. move checkyesno inside the if-block for service(8)
2. change checkyesno to remove warning if arg (rcvar) is unset/empty
3. add "nostart" keyword /etc/rc.d/addswap

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