[Bug 235040] Lua-based loader(8) does not pick up /boot/loader.rc.local

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Fri Jan 18 16:59:20 UTC 2019


--- Comment #2 from Warner Losh <imp at FreeBSD.org> ---
It doesn't read in /boot/loader.rc either.

The problem is that while loader.rc and loader.rc.local started out with the
notion they would be pure loader commands (whatever that means), over time
forth leaked into the mix (because we setup words in such a way as to make the
loader commands also forth  words, so that the interpreter really was forth,
not some abstract loader language that was, at best poorly defined). The
default loader.rc shipped on many platforms had forth code in it at different
times in the past. And customer deployed loader.rc.local setups definitely had
forth code in them.

The end result is that we can't have lua parsing loader.rc or loader.rc.local
because it would need a forth interpreter to do so.

If this is highly desirable, we might be able to try to parse loader.rc and do
something semi-sane when we hit forth, but it's unclear how to implement

And looking at loader.lua we see:


which will try to include /boot/local.lua, if it exists (or is it
/boot/lua/local.lua, I forget). At the very least, we should document this
features. And how to translate simple loader.rc.local files into this format.

As a last resort, we might be able to parse the loader.rc.local file (since
we've translated the current loader.rc file into lua) and hope for the best,
and have that controlled by a loader.conf variable, but that's not in my top 10
list of things to do with the loader.

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