[Bug 221777] merge the latest changes to the ig4 module from DragonFly BSD and add Kaby Lake / Intel 100 series platform support

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Sun Sep 30 23:14:19 UTC 2018


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Author: gonzo
Date: Sun Sep 30 23:14:08 UTC 2018
New revision: 339029
URL: https://svnweb.freebsd.org/changeset/base/339029

  MFC r336050-r336051, r336142, r336326, r337719

  ig4(4): add support for Apollo Lake I2C controllers

  Add PCI ids for I2C controllers on Apollo Lake platform. Also convert
  switch/case probe logic into a table.

  Reviewed by:  avg
  Differential Revision:        https://reviews.freebsd.org/D16120

  ig4(4): Fix Apollo lake entries platform identifier

  Identify Apollo Lake controllers as IG4_APL and not as a IG4_SKYLAKE

  Reported by:  rpokala@

  ig4(4): add devmatch(8) PNP info

  Now that we have all devices ids in a table add MODULE_PNP_INFO macro
  to let devmatch autoload module

  Remove MODULE_PNP_INFO for ig4(4) driver

  ig4(4) does not support suspend/resume but present on the hardware where
  such functionality is critical, like laptops. Remove PNP info to avoid
  breaking suspend/resume on the systems where ig4(4) load is not explicitly
  requested by the user.

  PR:             229791
  Reported by:    Ali Abdallah

  [ig4] Fix initialization sequence for newer ig4 chips

  Newer chips may require assert/deassert after power down for proper
  startup. Check respective flag in DEVIDLE_CTRL and perform operation
  if neccesssary.

  PR:           221777
  Submitted by: marc.priggemeyer at gmail.com
  Obtained from:        DragonFly BSD
  Tested on:    Thinkpad T470

_U  stable/11/

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