[Bug 231080] callout struture corruption and panic

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Wed Sep 26 03:55:59 UTC 2018


--- Comment #17 from Mark Johnston <markj at FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to Sean Bruno from comment #16)
The new kernel dump is more useful.  The callout looks like this:

$2 = {
  c_links = {
    le = {
      le_next = 0x11777be9162acbc1,
      le_prev = 0xffffffff80c9a01a
    sle = {
      sle_next = 0x11777be9162acbc1
    tqe = {
      tqe_next = 0x11777be9162acbc1,
      tqe_prev = 0xffffffff80c9a01a
  c_time = 577765376,
  c_precision = 0,
  c_arg = 0x6,
  c_func = 0x158,
  c_lock = 0x0,
  c_flags = 0,
  c_iflags = 0,
  c_cpu = 0
(kgdb) x/s 0xffffffff80c9a01a
0xffffffff80c9a01a:     "dr->dt.di.dr_mtx"

So the second long word is the beginning of the dr_mtx field of a
dbuf_dirty_record_t.  (The 0x6 indicates that the lock is already destroyed.)
It thus looks like the structure containing the callout was freed and
reused for a dbuf_dirty_record_t.  These records are allocated using malloc(9)
and would come from the 512 byte zone (the mutex is at byte offset 192), so
we're looking for a structure between 256 and 512 bytes in size containing
a struct callout at byte offset 184, assuming that nothing called uma_reclaim()
before the dbuf_dirty_record_t was allocated.  Since there's been very little
page daemon activity on this system, I think that's a safe assumption for now.

Using ctfdump -t on the kernel and modules, I find two structures with these
properties: struct ata_request and struct lle_entry.  The latter seems to be a
more likely candidate for use-after-free.

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