[Bug 231522] [12-CURRENT] rc.d should not be in sbin/init

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Fri Sep 21 21:28:50 UTC 2018


--- Comment #5 from Conrad Meyer <cem at freebsd.org> ---
Sorry, I didn't realize abundance of evidence was in question.

rc.d scripts have nothing to do with init.

init starts gettys, spawns the *separate* /etc/rc program when told to go to
multi-user, stays alive as pid 1, and kills zombies.  That's it.  For evidence
of this you can see the init.c source code (it's quite short) or the init(8)
manual page (it's also quite short).

For evidence of rc being a separate entity from init(8) you can see the rc(8)
manual page or like, look at the /etc/rc source code.

It's fine that you are just unfamiliar with how init and rc works — most people
are.  But you should have at least somewhat familiarized yourself with the
components before rototilling the directory around.  And you should listen when
people who are familiar let you know you've made a mistake, and you should fix

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