[Bug 225692] iswprint() wrong for some FULL WIDTH characters in UTF-8 locale

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--- Comment #11 from Hank Hampel <freebsd at niamodnikufesin.de> ---
I quickly wanted to add that this problem probably affects everybody using mosh
(https://mosh.org/) - or any other remote shell that relies on the server
interpreting characters - and powerline-status
(https://github.com/powerline/powerline) or other programs using Unicode

SSH notably doesn't rely on the server interpreting the characters otherwise
the outcry for this regression would have probably been much greater. Please
note well that the above worked flawlessly for FreeBSD 10.x-RELEASE - which is
especially frustrating.

The thing that makes this bug even worse is that there are obviously "holes" in
the Unicode coverage of the UTF-8 locales so that some Unicode characters work
fine while others are impossible to use - which makes this problem only harder
to debug for users.

As a quick test you can put the following lines (taken from powerline-status)
into a file and copy it onto a FreeBSD 11.x-RELEASE machine and log onto it via
mosh and you'll see empty strings instead of the Unicode chars which in turn
runs havoc on your input line if used as a shell prompt (PS1) as the length is
calculated wrongly.

        "dividers": {
                "left": {
                        "hard": " ",
                        "soft": " "
                "right": {
                        "hard": " ",
                        "soft": " "

Thanks everybody for looking into this problem and fixing the associated

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