[Bug 229669] kernel build fails

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Thu Sep 20 14:58:42 UTC 2018


--- Comment #4 from Frank Leonhardt <freebsd-doc at fjl.co.uk> ---
I've had a look around.

What's happening?

clang is using it's internal assembler instead of calling the system one. It
chokes on the syntax.

Why is it happening?

There's a flag to stop it - "-no-integrated-as". This should be set in

# We need this conditional because many places that use it
# only enable it for some files with CLFAGS.$FILE+=${CLANG_NO_IAS}.
# unconditionally, and can't easily use the CFLAGS.clang=
# mechanism.
.if ${COMPILER_TYPE} == "clang"
CLANG_NO_IAS=    -no-integrated-as

For some reason, on the Azure version, it isn't. I have a nasty feeling that
the make code that figures out which compiler it should be using isn't actually
working, and COMPILER_TYPE may not be setting properly. I'll find out if it's
worse after building the kernel, which takes AGES on Azure.

Work around?

You can over-ride CC

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