[Bug 231400] Crashdumping to a geom mirror doesn't result in /var/crash being populated

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--- Comment #2 from Mark Johnston <markj at FreeBSD.org> ---
Did you follow the notes from the man page?

     Doing kernel dumps to gmirror providers is possible, but some conditions
     have to be met.  First of all, a kernel dump will go only to one
     component and gmirror always chooses the component with the highest
     priority.  Reading a dump from the mirror on boot will only work if the
     prefer balance algorithm is used (that way gmirror will read only from
     the component with the highest priority).  If you use a different balance
     algorithm, you should add:

           gmirror configure -b prefer data

     to the /etc/rc.early script and:

           gmirror configure -b round-robin data

     to the /etc/rc.local script.  The decision which component to choose for
     dumping is made when dumpon(8) is called.  If on the next boot a
     component with a higher priority will be available, the prefer algorithm
     will choose to read from it and savecore(8) will find nothing.  If on the
     next boot a component with the highest priority will be synchronized, the
     prefer balance algorithm will read from the next one, thus will find
     nothing there.

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