[Bug 231313] iostat manpages don't describe -x output

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Wed Sep 12 01:48:43 UTC 2018


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--- Comment #4 from Conrad Meyer <cem at freebsd.org> ---
Seems like it was fixed only quite recently on CURRENT:

           The extended iostat device display, with the -x flag specified,
           shows the following statistics:

           r/s     read operations per second
           w/s     write operations per second
           kr/s    kilobytes read per second
           kw/s    kilobytes write per second
           qlen    transactions queue length
           ms/r    average duration of read transactions, in milliseconds
           ms/w    average duration of write transactions, in milliseconds
           ms/o    average duration of all other transactions, in milliseconds
           ms/t    average duration of all transactions, in milliseconds
           %b      % of time the device had one or more outstanding

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