[Bug 231193] ntpd peers stuck in INIT status when using local named

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--- Comment #2 from Ian Lepore <ian at FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to ml from comment #0)
It's not clear to me that it's ntpd having trouble resolving those names.  The
name resolution errors in the log are from ntpdate, not ntpd.  When the peers
are stuck in INIT state, what is the output from "ntpq -np"?  That will show
for sure whether the addresses are resolved.  That ntpq output looks to me more
like the names are resolved but UDP packets to or from port 123 are being
blocked somehow.

Oh, hmm... after looking again it looks like the names may not be resolved when
ntpd processes the config file (I just noticed the errors about restrict), but
then they do resolve by time the peer configuration happens, so you end up with
resolved peers who can't communicate because the restrict statements that would
have allowed communications with them never got processed.

I think waiting for named to be ready is the only viable fix, and I agree with
you that the ability to have an optional timeout for that wait is also
important.  IMO, dougb was wrong to reject the changes in bug 144400, and I
think I'll look into re-opening that and fixing it.  But I can't make any
promises that it'll get into 12.0-RELEASE, I'm really busy these days.

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