[Bug 229682] x11/xterm (possible terminal driver problem): UTF-8 characters cause the misalignment of tabstops

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Wed Sep 5 00:49:55 UTC 2018


--- Comment #11 from Keegan Drake H.P. <kd-dev at pm.me> ---
(In reply to Ed Schouten from comment #9)
This happens because the configuration of x11/xterm in ports relies
on FreeBSD's TTY layer to expand tabs, but the TTY layer expands tabs
based on the column number which is updated with the byte count and so
does not support multi-byte characters.

To further clarify: this is about TTY output, and this would not be an
issue if FreeBSD's TTY layer supported multi-byte characters or if the
port was patched to disable `TAB3' when applicable.

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