[Bug 215143] FreeBSD 11 install cd does not boot on macpro1,1 (32-bit efi)

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Tue Sep 4 14:42:17 UTC 2018


--- Comment #13 from Jason W. Bacon <jwb at freebsd.org> ---
Finally got around to fully testing this.  I did a full install with my custom
ISO on a MacBook Pro 2,2.  I'm using it right now to send this update.

I then did a

    freebsd-update fetch install

which updated the kernel and it did not cause any problems.

Clearly from previous posts, "freebsd-update upgrade" can render the system
unbootable, but I'm not sure what other conditions could cause problems.  I
don't understand the details of the boot process well enough.

Might it be possible to patch the generic ISO to prevent the EFI boot path from
being used on 32-bit EFI systems?

Is there an easy way to fix an installation following "freebsd-update upgrade"?
 I'm not so concerned about this one as I prefer to do fresh installs when I
upgrade.  ( A little OCD about bit rot and keeping my installations pristine. )

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